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Why I decide to become an Escort?

I get asked by almost every date I have “Why did you decide to become an Escort?”, and it is really quite simple. I have always been a very sexual person!

I met my first client in the lobby of one of the Lisbon fanciest hotels. To be honest, from the moment I met him I never looked back. I had an amazing time, and since then I’ve gone on to meet loats of interesting people and have really interesting experiences.

Being an escort is something which some people view as dirty and for women who can’t do anything else. The truth couldn’t be further from this! Being an escort is about being able to give someone an amazing experience, fantastic company, and a breath of fresh air from the dull, normal world we can live in.

What  I really like about escorting is meeting really interesting people. And it’s really good fun! I love the dynamic, because there’s no judgement as neither of us is in a position to judge.

I’m me first and an escort second .I do my job because I love it. Sex work is obviously still very stigmatized, so I don’t really tell people about it, but there’s such a misperception of what escorting actually involves.

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